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Here’s How Modern Technology Has Changed Online Visa Application

Travelers do not have to go through hard times making online visa applications thanks to the improvement of the upcoming new technology. It is no longer hectic to apply for a visa. Read on and learn the methods with which advanced technology has changed the online visa application.

Previously, visa application was made physically in some brick and mortar centers regarded as visa processing offices. This process was however very overwhelming and affected people’s traveling plans. Later on, there was the introduction of online visa applications, and now people can make online visa applications from the online platforms. People can now send their visa applications online and receive fast and instant updated and alerts on their applications online. Using the online visa application service, the time to apply for a visa is now reduced by half compared to the past. People now have the choice of receiving alerts directly on their emails or phones at an extra fee.

Through the electronic document management service, visa applicants can scan and submit the required documentation for an online visa for online applications. Not only does a visa applicant know the expected important documents needed in the visa application process, but he is saved from having to go to the visa application office with all this original document. He has to have them notarized and scanned to meet the visa application process requirements. When the documents are scanned they are then stored electronically with the application so that in case of need they can be referred to for any other purpose. If an applicant is making a passport renewal shortly or making several visa applications, then this becomes very helpful.

In document attestation, prints made from the original documents are attested through an agency or institute that is internationally approved to be genuine copies made from original documents. During this process, the attested copy documents are used for the online visa applications and the original ones stored. The online visa application is a grueling and lengthy process which requires that all documents are thoroughly rechecked and considered.During this process, chances are the documents could get damaged. So to keep them protected, document attestation of the original copy is done for the online visa application.

During the online visa application, you may be required to send your biometric data. You should scan your biometrics like fingerprints or the retina and send. Because no biometric is the same to the other, this process reduces any possibility of identity theft or fraud using the data.

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