American Retirement Life Insurance Supplement

American Retirement Life Insurance Supplement

American Retirement Life Insurance Company was purchased by Cigna in 2012.  Cigna is one of the largest health insurance service organizations in the United States and launched their Medicare Supplement product through ARLIC.  Cigna is a proven leader in this market with competitive rates in all states.


  • A Global leader in business for more than 200 years
  • Sales capabilities in 30 countries
  • More than 86 million customer relationships throughout the world
  • A full suite of Medicare, dental and supplemental products
  • 24/7 customer service and care teams to answer customers’ coverage questions and to support their health care needs.

The American life insurance company is also known as the AIG. Over four million Americans use the AIG for their insurance needs. They use the policies for their business as well as private needs. However, remember to take a look at the financial ratings of the company before you buy a policy from them. The many independent financial ratings watchdog companies would act as your consumer reporters.

Type Of Insurance Policies

Life insurance is primarily of two kinds: The term and the whole life insurance. The term indemnity last only for a couple of years that is till the term lasts. The premiums have to be paid current, in order to claim the payment. The policies are generally based on the age and the amount of coverage required. The more the age and the coverage, the more will be the premium amount. People generally prefer whole life insurance as it provides covers for a lifetime but for a much higher premium rate.

Reputation Of American Life Insurance Company

Always consider the financial ratings of the e company before you buy from them. The American company has consistently been graded A++ for the past few decades. This proves its worth in the industry. The history of the company goes back several decades. Since then the company not only changed its name but also bought another company. The company offers its employers free insurance and is very focused on the insurance needs of its workers and other clients.

Choices Offered By American Life Insurance Company

  • Term insurance offering the lowest rate.
  • Universal coverage or the whole life insurance.

The policy starts giving you money even before you die. This helps you pay bills in case of emergencies. It eases out the cash pressure upon retirement and most importantly also acts as a life indemnity policy in case of death.

There policies are generally available in all the states of the U.S. So, check out and see if they are also available in your state. Because the company is an age old company, all the settlement issues are also settled very easily. The company is committed to serving the needs of today’s market. It offers focused and supportive approach to provide a secure future for all its customers, and also fulfills all their financial needs. The solutions are also backed up by excellent personalized customer service. So, it may be a good idea to buy your policy from the American life insurance company.

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