Starting a Business – Skills and Abilities Are Key Elements

Starting a Business - Skills and Abilities Are Key Elements

The 9-5 work-a-day world of corporate life has become a drain on you. You’ve decided that you want to start a business so you can be your own boss, do your own thing and invest your energy into your own company instead of some else’s. All of these are common reasons people have shared that encouraged them to start their own business. If that’s where you are, you’re probably wondering how to get started.

I believe there are three main areas that must be addressed – funding, passion and skills/abilities. First and foremost, a passion for what you do is absolutely necessary. Without the passion, you’ll have a tough time getting up in the morning and most likely won’t have the energy to keep you going when you hit some hard times.

Sufficient funds can help your business thrive, while lack of proper funds can end up shutting you down. Know what you have and what will be available for you if you need financial assistance.

The third key item to help ensure success is the skill/ability level you have. Know yourself and realistically assess your abilities. If you don’t have a natural skill level, can the required skill be learned? This will help you determine what you can do or are able to do.

When my husband and I started our home inventory business, we were in our 50s. We knew we didn’t have the strength, stamina or physical fitness we had when younger, so determining our abilities helped us focus on a business that would not demand a high amount of physical activity. Landscaping and cement work, for example, were out of the picture!

Other skills/abilities besides physical should also be considered. Do you have computer skills – or a desire to learn? If not, you probably won’t want to start a company that requires a great deal of time creating spreadsheets and correspondence. Thinking of starting a bookkeeping service? Obviously, experience and knowledge in accounting will be required. If you think you would like to be a freelance writer, find out if you have the skills to succeed in that industry.

When you find the industry that is calling you, but also find you don’t have the skills, consider an alternative within that same industry. Let’s go back to the freelance writer. If you don’t have the skills to pen a story that compels other to read it, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! Don’t give up your desire to be involved in this field. You might find that you enjoy proofreading, being a copy editor or technical writer. Investigate alternatives to your initial choice, and you’ll find where your skills and abilities meet your passion. Serve that specific niche without giving up your dream.

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